'We, the People'--A Declaration for the 21st Century

The intent of this document is to reaffirm the bond between the citizens of this Nation and its founding precepts.

We, the People, now declare that there exists an intolerable wall of separation between our Government and our Nation's fundamental founding principles.

Those principles of governance are cited in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. They exist as cornerstones of our Republic.

We, the People, now declare our resolve to stand against tyranny in all its forms impressed upon and from within this nation by those who seek to subvert or cripple America by actions intent on the transfer of civil authority away from the citizens, the rightful heirs of this nation.

This Republic draws its breath from the ideals that Government receives it authority from the People; that the People receive their authority from the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, and that God endows mankind with certain inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, among others.

We, the People, now declare a new covenant with our children to restore the primacy of American Ideals, Culture and Moral Principles in education. Each generation must know and observe our common values if our Nation is to endure.

This obligation to preserve our Nation's birthright resides in each citizen, community and civil institution. It is through our common trust in God, our Union, our laws and our earned Prosperity that we survive as a lamp to the World as, "One nation, under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."

We, the People, now assert that authority granted to us in this Republic is in mortal peril due to this Government's reckless disregard to do its sworn duty "To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

We, the People, now hold accountable the President and Congress for creating and fostering a culture of corruption, greed, incompetence and abuse of power in Civil Institutions.

This 21st-Century America has seen our Government nationalize multiple sectors of this free-market economy, create a national debt that will burden generations to come, initiate oppressive taxation, advance policies that support hostile foreign regimes, fail to enforce existing laws to curb illegal immigration and defend our borders, and advance punitive environmental policies, which deter effective use of natural resources and energy technologies.

We, the People, now charge this Government with serving not the People, but the agendas of political parties, organized labor, select corporate entities, groups seeking social justice by redistribution of wealth, and an Executive branch guiding our Republic into the jaws of Socialism.

We, the People, now resolve that we will steer the Ship of State away from this route of mortal peril. We will -- by any lawful means -- return America to its higher course: Individual opportunity set full sail upon a sea of Liberty.

We, the People, now pledge to free this Republic from its promised "remaking" by this President and Congress. Government serves the People, not the reverse. To usurp our liberties by deceptive laws, discrete taxes, or the designs of appointed agents is not fundamental change. It is a deceit and an abuse of power.

We, the People, now join with the signatories of the Declaration of Independence to stand as "new Guards" against those in Government who seek to usurp, abuse or abolish "their just powers from the consent of the governed" to transform this Constitutional Republic into any other form of governance.

We, the People, now do solemnly publish and declare our resolve to:

  1. Defeat Republicans and Democrats that pervert or deny this Nation's founding principles. We are weary of corruption.
  2. Protest laws that abuse taxes, fines or fees, and deepen the Nation's debt. We seek accountability in a balanced budget.
  3. Stop funding social-justice programs that seek to redistribute wealth without work. Equal opportunity rewards effort, not entitlement.
  4. Defend the privilege of U.S. citizenship, not the "rights" of those foreign persons or powers, who seek to destroy, invade or control our Nation. Being American is willfully different from being in America.
  5. Become citizen sentinels as enjoined by the Declaration of Independence with duties and rights to preserve our Republic.

We, the People, aware that an oath sworn obliges an individual act, recommend that each person willing to affirm this Declaration of 2010 twice copy and sign this document to keep one and send the other to an elected official.

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Copyright by Karen Kenney, permission granted for First Amendment use to Tea Party Patriots(tm)

Copyright 2010 San Fernando Valley Patriots and Dr. Karen Kenney.